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    Needle Free Multi Dose Vial Adaptor. $ 3.60. Unit of Measure EA. Needle Free Multi Dose Vial Adaptor quantity. Add to cart. SKU J0463X Categories Intravenous Equipment, IV Adapters. Description. Additional information.

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    A vial mate device is a connector that attaches a vial of medication and a bag of diluent such as Saline or Dextrose in water. The system is assembled in an aseptic environment and shipped to the patient. One side has a needle that penetrates the bag of IV fluid. The other side is attached to the medication container but the needle on that side

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    a plastic spike for the penetration of the rubber stopper of the vial and a female or male luer lock to connect with the female or male luer lock of the IV bag. a guiding function to have a perfect center position of the transfer system over the vial neck. with a permanent snapping function on the vial to ensure a single use of the transfer system.

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    Note @ 1 22, the large, plastic Vial Spike will always expose first, then the small, metal IV bag needle will always be second.I hope this video helps, remem

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    IV Administration Set, 15 Drop, Injection Site, Male Luer Lock Adapter. Amsino. 63 reviews. IV Administration Set, 15 Drop, Injection Site, Male Luer Lock Adapter with drip chamber and 78" (180cm) tubing, Vented, 15 Drops ml, 1 Slide Clamp View full details. Save 42 %.

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    multiple vials. Injecting drug into an IV bag. Preparing an IV bag with any tubing. Using Equashield Secondary Tubing. Reconstitution with diluent vial. Reconstitution from diluent bag. Reconstitution of vials. Syringe to Syringe transfer. Administration. IV push or bolus administration.

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    Use only a polypropylene syringe with a metal needle and polypropylene hub to withdraw and transfer Treanda Injection from the vial into an infusion bag. vial adapters, gloves, and IV

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    Generic Drug Name Sodium Chloride, Preservative Free Manufacturer # S Manufacturer B. Braun Container Type Flexible Bag Dosage Form IV Solution NDC Number Type Intravenous Size Volume 50mL Fill in 100mL Container Not manufactured with latex, PVC or DEHP.

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    Oncology Preparation Kit (IV Push) with 13 mm Vented Vial Spike Spinning Spiros with Red Cap 50 CH3260 Oncology Primary IV Kit, Bag Spike with Clave Additive Port, Spinning Spiros with Red Cap, Spinning Spiros, 2 Priming Caps 50 CH3366 Oncology Kit, 6” (15 cm) Bag Spike Adapter with Spiros, 2 Drop-In Access Devices with Clave,


    2. Fold vial up to rest against IV solution bag. While holding vial and bag together, shake to mix drug into solution. 3. Hold bag below the vial. Gently squeeze bag to force air to bubble up into the vial. Release IV solution bag to drain solution from the vial. Repeat until vial is empty. Make sure drug is completely mixed and the vial is empty.

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    connector to/from vial. During usage, the NEOSHIELD Transfer keeps aerosol and liquid from being exposed to the outer environment to keep a closed system. NEOSHIELD Bag Adaptor NEOSHIELD Bag Adaptor is connected to a liquid container such as IV bags for injection or extraction of liquid.

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    To activate squeeze or flex the IV bag firmly while holding with the vial down. You may see a small white plug in the vial as the liquid begins to go into the vial. This is normal. #2 Continue to squeeze and release the IV bag repeatedly until the vial is about half full of liquid. Do not overfill. Gently mix, so that the powder in the vial

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    Medical IV Spikes DirectMed carries a full line of IV Spikes for all medical requirements. We have vented and unvented IV bag spikes, and we can customize any of our products to your exact specifications.

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    Connect Demo Dose® powder to an IV bag for reconstruction. For use only with single-dose vials with 20 mm closure and Baxter containers Not compatable with any of the Demo Dose IV fluids Baxter Vial-Mate Adapter

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    ICU Medical #CH-13, Bag Spike Adapter w/Clave 50/Ca $ 152.00 per CASE. Ships Within 24 Hours. ICU Medical #CV-100, Clave Connector Vial Adapter Multidose 50/Ca ICU Medical #SFP6017, ADAPTER VIAL NEEDLE-FREE PRE-SLIT INJECTION PORT, 25/CS $ 36.26 per CASE. Special Order Item. ICU Medical #SF6033, ADAPTER VIAL F/20MM VIAL NEEDLE-FREE SPIKE

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    The Vial2Bag fluid transfer systems are used to connect a vial containing medication to an intravenous (IV) therapy bag and to aid in mixing the medication with the fluid in the IV bag. Reason for

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    Spike Adapter fits into the IV bag connector to dispense fluids to the patient. Vial Adapters provide safe access to a standard size vial and connect with a male or female Luer end syringe. The CLEARLINK Vial Adapter ensures leak-free connection when removing the solution from the vial that can be administered by needle injection or via the


    Once used, The RayDyLyo® vial adapter should not be removed from the vial. Dispose of the used device in accordance with your local procedures. FEATURES Plastic spike on drug vial side Female luer lock CONNECTABLE WITH Drug vial and RayDyLyo® 13 mm Drug vial and RayDyLyo® 20 mm IV bag with male luer lock port Vial adapter with male luer lock

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    Vial-Bag Plus Re-imagining a simple solution to a real problem. What it is A Vial-Bag Plus device is a simple adapter that directly connects a vial to an IV bag. The benefit The device allows a practitioner to reconstitute and dilute a medication from a vial right into the IV bag

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    The Tevadaptor ® Vial Adaptor is mounted on the drug vial to allow drug transfer in a closed system. Tevadaptor ® is designed to be intuitive to make drug preparation and compounding easy. The Syringe Adaptor / Syringe Adaptor Lock connects with minimal effort to the vial adaptor, allowing safe drug transfer from the vial to the syringe and then to another container (e.g. a semi-rigid bottle

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    Dose 50mg IV twice per day after a 100mg loading dose. Administration This medication has a very short half-life once mixed, so we attach the vial of medication via a Vial mate or Add-Ease device. The Vial mate or Add-Ease System allows the Vial of medication to be connected to the bag of diluent.

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    Shop Vial Adapter. Search Within All Products (12) Search Within. Manufacturer Name McKesson Brand (1) B. Braun (2) Codan US Corporation (1) ICU Medical (7) Progressive Medical (1) Brand or Series McKesson Clave® (1) Tevadaptor® (1) Clave® (1) Lifeshield® (2)

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    bag and vial adapter back and forth until the seal breaks. 2. Next, hold the bag up, with the vial hanging below it. Squeeze the bag to move solution into the vial until it is half full. While keeping the vial attached to the bag, shake gently to dissolve the drug in the solution. breakaway seal (inside port tube) bag ll until half full vial

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    Objectives Describe the importance of accuracy and use of proper aseptic technique when preparing IV medications. Identify the critical areas of a syringe. List the steps involved in aseptically preparing an IV medication from either a vial or ampule. Describe the difference between “single-dose” and “multiple-dose” vials. Perform common IV medication calculations.

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    From the pharmacy to the bedside, we support you and your healthcare providers with IV medications and infusion technologies designed with safety in mind. Nutritional Care When medical conditions prevent you from adequately feeding yourself, we provide life-saving clinical nutrition options to help you regain or maintain your health. Renal Care

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    BD Medical Systems 385108 Vial Access Adapter, Multi-Dose (Pack of 100) 2.7 out of 5 stars. 2. $232.78. $232. . 78 ($2.33/Adapter) FREE Shipping by Amazon. Only 3 left in stock (more on the way).

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    1. 2. 3. Our BD PhaSeal ™ IV bag and line access devices attach the IV bag to the IV line, and the BD PhaSeal syringe safety device-syringe assembly to IV bag to form an airtight and leak-proof connection for transferring and administering the drug within a closed system.


    Preparing an IV Bag Using an Equashield Spike Adaptor and IV Tubing Set Equipment 1. Equashield Syringe Unit With Required Drug Dose 2. Equashield Spike Adaptor (SA-1/SA-1T) 3. IV Bag 4. IV Tubing Set 5. Equashield Female Connector (FC-1/FC-1S) Procedure 2 Flip open cap on Spike Adaptor, insert tubing spike, prime tubing per facility protocol

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    Jan 03, 2020 · K. NEVER use IV solutions in containers intended for infusion, including mini-bags, as common source containers (multi-dose product) to prepare IV flush syringes or to dilute or reconstitute medications for one or more patients in clinical care areas5. L. Inspect vials and discard if sterility has been compromised (known or suspected)3.

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    May 11, 2021 · The Vial2Bag Advanced™ 20mm admixture device enables reconstitution and transfer of a drug between a vial and an IV bag using an integrated 20mm adapter prior to administration to the patient. This easy-to-use, innovative needle-free design is ideal for immediate use and can optimize pharmacy clean room time, while assisting in standardizing

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    Vented Spike Adapterto permit connection of non-vented IV spike to IV bottle requiring a vent. Components do not contain natural rubber latex. SA2000 418105 50 Backcheck Valve with 17 Ga. x 1 in. Needlefor the injection of multiple additives to an IV bag injection port. Components do not contain DEHP or natural rubber latex.