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    Micropump External Gear Pump Series Overview. Whether you use the cavity style or the revolutionary suction shoe design, Micropump gear pumps are engineered to deliver peak performance in any application with flow rates to 42 L/min (11.1 gpm).

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    Pump Services Industrial Equipment. Industrial Centrifugal Pumps Positive Displacement Pumps. Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps Progressive Cavity Pumps Gear Pumps Metering Pumps Mag Drive Sealless Pumps Food & Pharmaceutical Grade Pumps Municipal Pumps Line Card. Sundyne (Ansimag, Kontro, Sunflo) Sundyne Literature Colfax. Colfax

  • Micropump 81528, PumpheadBurt Process Equipment

    GJ Series Magnetic Drive Gear Pumps are great for applications requiring precision. They pump material smoothly and without pulsation through Micropump's cavity design. This pump does not have leak points often associated with dynamic shaft seals, and works with great energy efficiency.

  • The Roche Accu-Chek Solo micropumpso just what is it

    Jul 23, 2018 · If you keep your eyes on Diabetes and medical media, you can’t fail to have noticed that Roche’s Solo Micropump, a new patch pump from Roche, received its CE mark today. But what is the Solo Micropump? If you have a dig around on Google, it appears this is the former Medingo pump, that received FDA approval in 2009 and was bought by Roche

  • Replenish Inc.Ophthalmic Micropump System

    The Replenish, Inc. Ophthalmic MicroPump System™ is comprised of the following four sub-systems Anterior MicroPump™ (for glaucoma patients), Posterior MicroPump™ (for retina patients), EyeLink™, and Drug Refill System™. A disposable refill tubing kit is utilized during every drug refill.

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    Buy Micropump 81110Micropump Series GJ Magnetic Drive Gear Pump, Cavity Style, Two Helical, Shafted Gears/DP24, Gear Set N23 .64 ml/rev, Model GJ-N23.FF1S.A-B1 online on IndustrialZone. We offer fast lead times and world wide shipping on Micropump pum

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    The CA Series pump and the Micropump EagleDrive™ provides a very compact package, and the integrated impeller/magnet assembly reduces the number of rotating parts and maximizes pump life. Performance Summary. Flow Rate (min) 4.3 L/min. 1.13 US

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    The micropumps in Bartels’ mp6 series are miniaturized double diaphragm pumps. Each micropump is run by two piezo actuators. Due to the space- and energy-saving construction they are cost-effective even in high quantities. The materials used make the micropumps remarkably versatile.

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    Masterflex Digital Gear Pump for Micropump A-Mount Pump Head, 4.2 LPM 90 to 260 VAC EW. $2,425.00 USD / Each. Add To Cart ADD TO LIST. Ismatec. Ismatec Reglo Digital Gear Pump Drive with MasterflexLive, 4000 rpm, 115 to 230 VAC EW

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    Micropump pump, ensuring the most reliable pumping solution available. OEM Configurations Series 5500 pumps can be customized to meet your individual requirements. High System Pressure Capability The Series 5500 is designed to withstand system pressures up to 103 Bar (1500 psi).

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    11 rows · Micropump® is a unit of IDEX Corporation. Micropump products are manufactured with

  • TOPICAL REVIEW A review of micropumps

    electroosmotic pumps and magnetohydrodynamic pumps) and acoustic-wave micropumps1. In figure 1, open boxes represent pump categories of which operational micropumps have been reported. In our use of the term micropump, we adhere to the convention for

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    Magnetically driven, precision-geared pump heads provide smooth, accurate, pulseless fluid delivery. The magnetic drive and static seals keep fluids securely inside and potential contaminants out. Chemical resistant materials handle a wide range of materials (due to wetted parts). Pump

  • Micropumps—past, progress and future prospects

    pump designs were based on an actuation of both, the pump diaphragm and the valves. Spencer et al. [4] have presented an early example in 1978. They mention an even earlier pub-lication from Thomas and Bessman [3] which dates from 1975. Spencer’s approach is depicted in Fig. 2. A cylindri-cal micropump body was machined from stainless steel and

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    Micropump Inc. is the originator of magnetic drive gear pump technology. Micropump® offers complete fluid handling system components and assemblies, including pump, motor, and controller technologies. They make both positive displacement and dynamic pump products, using magnetic drives in multiple standard and custom designs or the I-Drive electromagnetic drive technology. Specializing in OEM

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    Micropump Pump P/N 82057 For sale is a used. Micropump pump. This pump has been untested. It is mounted on a board, contains a DC cable with alligator clips on the end, and it has an ON/OFF switch. Feel free to use the zoom tool on the photos above to get a closer look. Again, this unit has been untested. The owner of Fredrich Electronics.

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    MICROPUMP STANDARD PRODUCT RANGE LIQUID PUMPS SELF PRIMING LIQUID PUMPS. Pumps designed to pump liquid. Click to see more variety. When you need a liquid pump that can still remove all the air from the system to start or your worried about large amounts of

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    Micropump offers innovative pumping solutions including suction shoe gear pump heads, cavity-style pump heads, compact low-flow pump heads, integrated design drive systems, and more for power efficiency. We are a Micropump authorized distributor.

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    Alldoo Micropump Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of diaphragm pumps in China,we specialize in the designing and production of various diaphragm micropumps,including micro diaphragm vacuum pumps,gas pumps,water pumps,oil pumps and liquid pumps with low flow range and small size.

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    A micropump comprises a housing for defining a pump chamber, an inlet valve disposed in an inlet flow passage, a outlet valve disposed in a outlet flow passage, and an actuator for changing a volume of the pump chamber. The actuator is formed of a thermo-responsive polymer gel material. Fluid is supplied and fed by heating and cooling the actuator.

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    GJ Series Magnetic Drive Gear Pumps are great for applications requiring precision. They pump material smoothly and without pulsation through Micropump's cavity design. This pump does not have leak points often associated with dynamic shaft seals, and works with great energy efficiency.

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    Printing, Industrial, Transportation and More. Learn more. 50 Years of Innovation. Micropump Legacy. Founded in 1960 by Tom Martin, the actual inventor of the magnetic drive gear pump, Micropump has continued to lead and develop innovative pumping solutions for over fifty years.

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    Equipment that is using pumps designed and manufactured by TCS Micropumps being used at the White House in Washington DC. Stepper Motor driven R pump for exceptional control over both flow and dose size. The continuing development of the TCS R pump technology has lead to the creation of this highly accurate dispensing pump suitable for a wide

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    Micropump Gear Pump Systems, Suction Shoe Pump Head, 316SS/PPS/PTFE, 0-5 VDC. Zoom Image. Representative image only. Add to Compare. MicropumpMfr # 85228Item # EW. Complete pumps include head, motor, and integrated drive. Variable-speed electronic controller delivers smooth, pulseless flow. Static seals reduce maintenance.

  • Proposal of a new design for valveless micropumpsPDF

    This kind of micropump is composed of a pump chamber with an oscillating diaphragm and two nozzle/diffuser flow rectifying elements, one directed from the inlet to the pump chamber, and the other from the pump chamber to the outlet, as illustrated in Figure 1. Each element is formed by two equivalent regions between the symmetrical trapezoid

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    Mircopump, a division of IDEX, is a market leader in low-flow gear pumps. Established in 1960, Micropump specializes in applications where precise flows are required. Gear. Micropump’s critical components are what allows for extreme precision in low-flow situations.

  • (PDF) Feedback and Control of Micropumps Anthony

    Micropump Displacement 1.00E-05 8.00E-06 displacement (um) 6.00E-06 4.00E-06 Series1 2.00E-06 0.00E 00 1 7 13 19 25 31 37 43 49 55 61 67 73 79 85 91 97 -2.00E-06 time(ms) Figure 8Micropump displacement based on the 632.8 nm modulation fringes Figure 8 represents a positive excitation fringe pattern for the displacement of the micropump

  • Peristaltic Micropumps IST AGMicrofluidic Pump CPP1

    The peristaltic micropumps warrant small flow rates for various liquids and gases in applications. Their small footprint enables their direct integration in any fluid system. Since the pumped fluid is in the pump and only in contact with a medical grade silicon tube, the CPP1 microfluidic pumps keep the biocompatibility of the fluid system.

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    A gas micropump is a small-volume device that can pump compressible gaseous fluids at different flow rates and pressures. The development of gas micropumps has been facilitated through the use of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology that allows high-precision manufacturing of microdomain structures.

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    Read Micropump Pump & Drive #85370 reviews and product specs here! We have the best prices on all Micropump products and free shipping all the time!

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    micropump Established in 1960, Micropump Inc. is the originator of magnetic drive gear pump technology. Today, Micropump is a part of IDEX Corporation and the market leader in low-flow gear pumps offering standard models, configure-to-order options, and custom solutions.