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    IV bags IV tubing Blood Products Arrow International 800.523.8446 arrowintl Non-DEHP PVC Blood bag spikes Charter Medical 877.369.2810 chartermed EVC Compound AM83 Administration sets Covidien / Kendall Healthcare 800.962.9888 kendallhealthcare Non-DEHP PVC, silicone, polypropylene Blood Collection / Infusion sets

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    B. Braun, MFG# L5101DEX, IVSOL PVC DEHP FREE 5% 500ML (24/CS), NDC# . Caloric Agent, Flexible Bag, IV Solution, Dextrose / Water, Proof of Medical License number required to purchase. PLEASE CALL 760.904.0470 PRIOR TO PLACING AN ORDER.

  • DEHP Nanodroplets Leached From Polyvinyl Chloride IV Bags

    Jan 01, 2020 · DEHP Droplet Formation in PVC IV Bags. When PVC IV bags containing saline are either shaken to replicate shipping- and handling-related stresses or transported using a pneumatic tube system, higher concentrations of subvisible particles are generated relative to PO IV bags

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    freeflex IV Bags are non-PVC and Non-DEHP1. Eliminates patient exposure to toxic DEHP, contained in PVC 1. Across its life-cycle (from manufacturing to use to disposal), PVC relies on and creates chemicals that are highly hazardous to humans and the environment. One IV bag can be used across a facility, or the broadest clinical application.

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    The Secure™ EVA bags are not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP. More reasons to feel secure! The Secure™ TPN line of bags is composed of bags that can be filled by various TPN compounders, filled by gravity, or filled with syringes or single-station filling devices. There is a Secure™ bag for nearly every TPN and IV application.

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    freeflex IV Bags are Non-PVC and Non-DEHP1. Eliminates patient exposure to toxic DEHP, contained in PVC. 1. Across its life cycle (from manufacturing to use to disposal), PVC relies on and creates chemicals that are highly hazardous to humans and the environment. One IV bag can be used across a

  • Safety Assessment of Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP

    posed by patient exposure to the amount of DEHP released from PVC IV bags following infusion of crystalloid fluids (e.g., normal saline, D5W, Ringers Lactate). Further, there is little risk posed

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  • Reducing PVC and DEHP in IV bagsnoharm-global

    DEHP and replace them with safer alternatives without compromising patient safety or care. Reducing PVC and DEHP in IV bags Sustainable procurement quick guide Health and environmental benefits Avoiding PVC avoids the release and generation of highly toxic chemi-cals • PVC is derived from highly toxic chemicals including vinyl chloride, a

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    Resources. From our unique, re-sealable ports and needleless connectors, to our complete portfolio of non-PVC and non-DEHP IV bags, freeflex helps clinicians provide infusions safely and efficiently. freeflex® IV Bag Demonstration from Fresenius Kabi USA on

  • Sterile Water Bag, Excel®, No Latex, PVC or DEHP McGuff

    The solution contact layer is a rubberized copolymer of ethylene and propylene. The containers are crystal clear, nontoxic and biologically inert. Products specifications. Manufacturer B.Braun. Sterile Water, Excel®, No Latex, PVC or DEHP, 500mL, 24/Case. $88.71.

  • Evidence of DEHP harm to reproduction, fertilityEHN

    Feb 22, 2021 · Evidence of DEHP harm to reproduction, fertility. Manufacturers add phthalates like DEHP to plastic products to increase flexibility and reduce brittleness. Some medical products such as IV bags and tubing can contain up to 40 percent DEHP by weight, according to an analysis by Health Care Without Harm. Those additives leach to varying degrees

  • Medical Definition of DEHPMedicineNet

    Mar 29, 2021 · Devices that may contain DEHP-plasticized PVC include intravenous (IV) bags and tubing, umbilical artery catheters, blood bags and infusion tubing, enteral nutrition feeding bags, nasogastric tubes, peritoneal dialysis bags and tubing, tubing used in cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) procedures, tubing used in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

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    Empty IV Bags. Our IV bags are empty containers for use in the compounding and storage of solutions prior to and during administration to a patient using an intravascular administration set. Our bags are made with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and are not made with plasticizer Diethylhexylphthalate (DEHP).


    Jul 26, 2002 · DEHP (di-ethylhexyl phthalate) is a plasticizer adding flexibility to PVC plastic which is frequently used in medical products such as IV bags, blood bags and tubing. The issue of non-DEHP plasticizer has become critical in the administration of IV solutions, particularly in the case of chemotherapy treatment where the drug can leach

  • Pressure Mounts to Rid IV Products of PVC, DEHP

    Last month, West Coast managed healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente announced that it would no longer purchase IV bags or tubing that contain PVC or the plast Pressure Mounts to Rid IV Products of PVC, DEHP mddionline

  • Hospitals Demand Switch to PVC- and DEHP-Free Devices

    Feb 01, 2006 · It will supply all of CHW's hospitals with PVC- and DEHP-free intravenous (IV) bags and tubing. “Recently, we have seen a trend among hospitals and medical institutions to convert to PVC- and DEHP-free products,” says Rob Albert, vice president of marketing, pharmaceuticals, and drug delivery at B. Braun Medical.

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    Replacement Preparation Sodium Chloride, Preservative Free 0.9% IV Solution Flexible Bag 250 mL SOD CHL, IVSOL PVC DEHP FREE 0.9% 250ML (24/CS)

  • DEHP phthalates in medical devicesGOV.UK

    Jan 26, 2021 · Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate ( DEHP) is the type used the most in medical devices such as intravenous (IV) tubing. umbilical artery catheters. blood bags and infusion tubing. enteral nutrition

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    IV solutions. Discover a dependable solution for IV fluids. BD ® offers a family of IV fluids to suit customer needs. All IV fluids use the freeflex ® bag, a multilayer polyolefin film that is non-PVC and non-DEHP and not made with natural rubber latex. Both ports contain a self-sealing septum and easy break-off caps, which provide visual tamper evidence.

  • Kaiser Permanente Switches to PVC- and DEHP-Free IV Bags

    Jan 19, 2012 · Kaiser Permanente has agreed to purchase IV solution bags that are 100 percent PVC- and DEHP-free and intravenous tubing that is 100 percent free of DEHP. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and DEHP (di-2-ethyl hexyl phthalate) are both widely used in

  • DEHP-free and PVC-free PAB® and EXCEL® Bags

    The environmental impact of IV-bag disposal is also minimized by opting for products that are PVC-free. The use of EXCEL bags from B.Braun Medical can reduce your patients’exposure to DEHP. B.Braun offers a complete line of large-volume parenteral solutions in EXCEL and PAB PVC-free and DEHP-free plastic containers. Photo courtesy of B.Braoun

  • The Effect of Formulation Excipients on Leachables for IV

    Nov 30, 2012 · The presence of low levels of DEHP in TOTM plasticized IV bags is not entirely surprising. TOTM and DEHP have very similar chemical structures, and DEHP is an impurity in the manufacturing process of TOTM [8]. The level of DEHP leaching from the TOTM IV-bags is significantly lower than that observed for PVC plasticized with DEHP.

  • 5% Dextrose Injection (PVC-free and DEHP-free)

    Reason for the Shortage. Baxter has 5% dextrose PVC/DEHP-free Viaflo bags available. BBraun had 5% dextrose PVC/DEHP-free bags on shortage due to manufacturing delays. BD has 5% dextrose PVC/DEHP-free bags available. Fresenius Kabi has 5% dextrose PVC/DEHP-free bags available. ICU Medical has 5% dextrose PVC/DEHP-free bags available.

  • Q How do I know for sure if an IV bag is made from PVC

    In the event you cannot get PVC-free IV products, insist that staff read and follow recommendations found on the package inserts for product storage. PVC IV bags should not be stored in blanket warmers (this can accelerate the rate of leaching of DEHP). Use digital thermometers. Take this brochure with you to your next health

  • Non-PVC, Non-DEHP IV Solutions ICU Medical

    Deliver effective care with a state-of-the-art IV container. We have teamed up with Grifols to offer the Fleboflex non-PVC, non-DEHP, non-latex IV container. These collapsible, lightweight, transparent containers consist of a multilayer film of polypropylene, a highly compatible material ideal for

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    freeflex IV Bags are Non-PVC and Non-DEHP One IV bag can be used across a facility for the broadest clinical application. free flex ® Demonstration Video For more information and to view our growing portfolio of free flex products, please visit freeflexivbags .

  • Investigation into the sorption of nitroglycerin and

    For a PVC tube with DEHP as plasticizer and a shore hardness of 80 only about 57% of the initial nitroglycerin concentration in the solution is applied to the patient in the first minutes of the application. For PVC tube (DEHP, shore 80) the experimental data

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    Empty Intravia Container, Non-DEHP Fluid Path, 250 mL. 1 EA. Stock Allocated QTY / Remaining QTY / Allocation Reset Date BHL2J8003. Empty Intravia Container, Non-DEHP Fluid Path, 500 mL.

  • DEHP Nanodroplets Leached From Polyvinyl Chloride IV Bags

    The immunogenicity of DEHP nanodroplets and IVIG aggregates generated in these formulations were evaluated using an in vitro assay of complement activation in human serum. The results suggested DEHP nanodroplets shed from PVC IV bags could reduce protein stability and induce activation of the complement system, potentially contributing to

  • Non-PVC IV Bags Market Size Industry Report,

    The global non-PVC IV bags market size was valued at USD 1.51 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.8% from 2021 to 2028. Rising demand for preventive measures for errors, such as improper dose delivery, and augmented demand for advanced IV containers are among the major growth-driving factors of